What are the top 4 tools/resources that are necessary for every local small business?

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Every single business owner needs to be on Google! It’s crazy how so many people are constantly asking why they don’t have a business or why people can’t find them, but they’re not on Google.

  1. Google My Business: Locals will find you when they’re searching for keywords in your industry. Optimize your GMB profile and you will see results.
  2. Instagram & Facebook: The two biggest social media platforms in the world. Why are you not on them? and if you are, then why aren’t you creating quality content for them? Nobody cares that you do XYZ. People care about your company culture, sales and QUALITY content. Creating an Instagram post every 3 days on how you sell life insurance is not advertising. Thousands sell life insurance, but why are you different? Why should I buy from you?
  3. Business Plan: Not really a tool, but every single business owner needs to have a business plan. You’d be surprised by how many small biz owners don’t have a CLUE of who their target market is. Sit down, and analyze your market. What does your ideal client look like? What do they do in their free time? Where do they hang out? Why do they buy from you? What are their demographics info?
  4. Service Business ONLY: If you’re generating leads and getting sales, what are you using to track them? I recommend GetResponse, Sendinblue, Zoho or Hubspot as a CRM to track ALL of your client info.
    Today’s small business suggestion: Set a goal for December to draw your business tools out on paper, and determine how you will simplify your business, it’s processed and the tools that are being used to run it ✅ Go into 2020 with a stronger, more purposeful and simplified system and process… You’ll be grateful you did ✌️😎‼️

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